"Since 2nd July 1959 when our first steps were made, nothing has changed. Every single step has been necessary to strengthen our promise: quality.

This is the philosophy which has inspired us over our first 60 years of activity, tying us to our land. We have exalted the typical characteristics by using niche products with creative innovation, without altering them.
My cuisine tastes of the land and the sea, of tradition and innovation, it's a tribute to our land and to the seasonality of our products.

This is the pride of our history that we have written, page after page, over several decades.
This is our history but also Yours and we will keep writing it together."

Antonio Dipino

Rarity Wine Cellar and Enoteca

Our cellar has been described by Maestro Luigi Veronelli as a “Legendary one”

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Il Barolo di Bartolo Mascarello

Barolo Mascarello embodies the historical memory of the Langhe and is produced in the legendary cellar in via Roma 15, in the municipality of Barolo.

The Bartolo Mascarello winery was founded in 1918 when Giulio, back from the First World War, returned to the birthplace of Barolo and decided to start his own business.

Mythological and obstinately against the fashions of the moment, Bartolo Mascarello's Barolo, awarded with numerous awards, has gone down in history as the wine of intellectuals, with critical consciences, loved by enthusiasts, experts and critics.

Extraordinary, powerful and velvety, this wine is a monument of the Langhe, a bottle that embodies the historical memory of the area.

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Barolo di Bartolo Mascarello

 306,00 810,00


La Tâche Romanèe Conti

 3.900,00 6.400,00


Château d’Yquem

 265,50 6.255,00


Brunello di Montalcino Biondi Santi Riserva

 792,00 1.062,00


Terra di Lavoro Galardi

 193,50 477,00


Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Valentini

 250,00 360,00


Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Valentini

 360,00 540,00

The private collection of La Caravella–Museum, tales about our history which began in 1959, when we discovered many artistic pieces in our storage rooms which were dusty, hidden, not visited.
Luckily, sometimes you can meet someone who can mark your existence permanently. One evening, during the Nineties, a very famous architect who we used to host many times, after many of my requests to plan a restoration project for my restaurant, told me: “Your restaurant is just unique, it’s magical, you will see within the years…”. He suggested me to include other ceramics and to restore the very antique ceilings. I took his advice to heart with pride and passion, I worked hard to show my collection, preserving it, improving and narrating it, by collecting other materials and information, thanks to the help of many people. Today La Caravella is a restaurant-museum, its private collection, which is shown in the restaurant, is considered one of the most important in the world. Many guests make a reservation just to see it.

Our private collection

Caravella Art Gallery

Since 2009 La Caravella Art Gallery is the reference point for the artistic ceramics of the Amalfi Coast

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