The Caravella

Ambassador of the Amalfi-Coast cuisine in the world since 1959

by Gore Vidal

The Restaurant

“La Caravella” Restaurant-Museum was founded in 1959, was the first Restaurant in southern Italy to receive the Michelin-Star from the Michelin-Guide in the Sixties.

by  Michelin-Guide

In the Heart of Amalfi

Twelve tables in the heart of Amalfi…
The secret of my cuisin: what we have always been doing at my “home” for over than 60 years is high quality. Since ever, my cuisine has its origins in my land, together with the farmer, the fisherman and with all the Masters of good food. The supply of our “raw materials” happens every day, early in the morning, with a phone call to our suppliers. They are always the same ones, they already know what we want: we just want the best.

Innovation and tradition

La Caravella is the undisputed gastronomic icon of the Amalfi Coast. Since July 2, 1959, since our first steps, nothing has changed, each step has served to reinforce our promise: the quality…
In the photo the entrance to the kitchen with the mosaic of ceramic riggiole from the 1700’s created by Maestro Giuseppe Pirozzi.

Keeping the flavors

The Dipino Family, jealous, and with scrupulous care, treasure this sanctuary of good cuisine, by passing down from generation to generation their secrets and inventions always open to novelties. La Caravella is the history of gastronomy of the Amalfi Coast and it is still now an undisputed protagonist.

by Gaetano Afeltra, former director of Corriere della Sera, Italian newspaper

Il Paradiso dei Ciucci

The renovation work on the ancient ceilings, that lasted nearly 15 years, finished in 2019 with The heaven of Donkey…. in the kitchen