Art Gallery

Since 2009 La Caravella Art Gallery is the reference point for the artistic ceramics of the Amalfi Coast

After the first 50 years

This project was realized in 2009 (during the first 50th anniversary of the restaurant), with a very clear idea, to share with you this beautiful page of the Amalfi Coast, wich starts with the passion and the experience accumulated over the years of Antonio.

In the heart of Amalfi

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming a few steps from the Cathedral, in one of the most characteristic and ancient alleys of the city, which was, at one time, “The first maritime republic”, and today is a real treasure trove of history and art. The alley is named after the famous revolutionary Masaniello and is adjacent to Piazza Duomo, in a side street of Piazza dei Dogi, where you can still see what was once the Palace of the Dukes Piccolomini.

The ceramic Art of Amalfi Coast is unique all over the world.

We are aware that it is difficult to appreciate the beauty of our ceramics through a photo: the colors, the shapes, the attention to detail. You have to touch ceramic, see it closely, “live it” in a relationship of physical sensitivity.

Only in this way can we appreciate the details and the games of colors that no photographer, however good, nor technology, however sophisticated, is able to reproduce and make this tactile pleasure feel. Our Gallery must be visited and, above all, “lived”.