Restaurant Museum

La Caravella of Amalfi was established in 1959 and it was the first awarded Michelin-Star in Southern Italy during
the Sixties. It’s an undisputed gastronomic icon of the Amalfi Coast.

By Michelin-guide

La Caravella

La Caravella Restaurant is located in the heart of Amalfi ,beside the ancient
Shipyards of the town: twelve tables in a building ducal palace to 1100.
The rooms are very romantic, it’s a museum – with attention to details – decorated with silks from San Leucio of 1700. In the Restaurant, you can admire several masterpieces of the best artists of Amalfi-Coast from 1800 to modern time. This private-collection is one of the most important in the world. In the vaults of the dining rooms, which already have historical value, you will also admire the ceilings frescoes, an artistic masterpiece that makes this Restaurant unique.

By Gore Vidal and Gaetano Afeltra
(former director of Corriere della Sera, Italian newspaper)

Rarity Wine Cellar

Few steps away from our restaurant,in one of the most characteristic alleyways of the town, you will find a real legend: the rarities cellar and the Enoteca.
The Enotec is a reference point for the lovers of great wines since ever.
In the rarity-cellar you can find very rare bottles, vintage wines and hard to find labels of legendary
producers that can be bought through our e-commerce.
Our cellar has been mentioned by specialistes of the sector,
to be one of the best-cellar in the Wold.

by Luigi Veronelli  and J. Suckling
(Gourmet Master; one of the world’s most influential wine-critic)

Art Gallery

Just a few steps from the famous restaurant, it can be considered as “the outside Hall of Honour of the ceramics from Amalfi-Coast”
We have a partnership based on exclusivity with those masters. The ceramics which are for sale in our gallery represent a brand with unique characteristics and they are a reference for many workshops of the whole coastline. Our sculptures, in the shape of donkeys, symbol of the Amalfi Coast, are our cult object and good luck charm.
You can find them in the most beautiful houses worldwide and they have been given to the most mighty people on earth.

by Enzo Biffi Gentili
director of Museum of Applied Arts/Miaao Turin

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