The logo of La Caravella

The logo created by the Menabò Agency to celebrate the first 50 years of “La Caravella” was inspired by a ceramic plate, almost a sign, representing a caravel under full sail in a stormy sea and was realized as a bas relief by Pietro Pisapia in 1959 for La Caravella, as the original emblem of the restaurant. The idea was to isolate the detail of the vessel from the very spectacular context and to simplify the image removing the particulars not directly related to the ship and its sails.
The logo is therefore perceived as a metaphoric vessel, symbolizing the restaurant as a solid enterprise but still full of charm. It was initially created with matt colors, but the new idea has been to fill the entire outline of the vessel with details taken from the ceramics on display, giving the idea of a cargo, such as those seen in ancient times in the shipping lanes of the Republic of Amalfi sailing along the Mediterranean Sea. The multicolored Caravella has therefore become the corporate logo and will be used on everything.

In the occasion of our 60th anniversary, we have kept the same emblem but in gold and it has been used in all our brands. Just
the number of the anniversary has been added.

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