La Caravella is located in the heart of Amalfi and in a very important historical context. You can breathe the history of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi. In fact, we are beside the Ancient Shipyards of the Republic, in a building dated 1100 which was the house of the Piccolomini family, feudatories of Amalfi dukedom. The wing of the palace where the restaurant is used to be the ducal archive during the Renaissance. La Caravella Art Gallery, together with the wine cellar and shop, are located few meters away from our restaurant, in one of the oldest narrow street of the town. This very little street takes the name from Masaniello, the famous revolutionist, and is the entrance to the Cathedral Square through the old Doges Square.
But, why is La Caravella our name? After a long research and thanks to Prof. Giuseppe Gargano (local historian), we found out the reason why. Then rooms, there the restaurant is located nowadays, used to be adjacent to the shipyards where the vessels were built and after they were used to sail the whole Mediterranean Sea. The most famous model used in that period was exactly the caravel.

The restaurant La Caravella is Via Matteo Camera, 12 Amalfi, 50 metres from the car parks in Piazza Flavio Gioia and 300 metres away from Luna Rossa parking, which is located at the entrance of the town. On this website you will find all parkings which are managed by the Municipality of Amalfi.

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You can easily reach Amalfi by sea with the Travelmar ferry service that connects it with Salerno and Positano. Check out the timetables

Distance to reach Amalfi:

  • from Napoli: 72 KM
  • from Pompei: 46 Km
  • from Paestum: 70 Km
  • from Sorrento: 30Km
  • from Salerno: 24Km
  • from Ravello: 6,5Km
  • from Positano: 16Km