Our cuisine tastes of the land, the sea, tradition and innovation. It is a hommage to our territory and the seasonlality of our products.

We have 5 tasting menus each one aimed at enabling our guests to discover our cuisine.

Our a la carte menu changes following the catch and dish of the day, it changes every day, it is not on line daily due to the difficulty in managing the up date.

Small tasting menu

4 courses menu

(for lunch only, minimum 2 people)

For those who want to gradually be introduced to the  cuisine of the Caravella.
This 4 course menu is available in fish or meat based dishes but only for lunch.
The price is euro 80,00 per person excluding wine and drinks.

This menu is not included in our booking form due to management problems.
When booking, write in the note that you prefer the small tasting, I remind you that it is only for lunch.

The tasting menu

7 courses menu

It will accompany you on a “journey” of discovery of flavours and aromas of our land, with seasonal ingredients and scents.
The cost of the menu is euro 130,00 per person, wine ande drinks excluded.

With regards to the wine on offer, you can, if you prefer, follow the advice of our sommelier or choose from the wine list.

Tradition and innovation tasting menu

9 courses menu

(minimum 2 people)

We are happy to introduce the menu featuring our historical recipes as our old tradition but mixed with updated and modern techniques of food processing. The degustation of our recipes is based on the local lemon at 360° degrees, using the leaves, zest, fruit and juice, interchanging with new innovative creations  and the Legend “The Sun in the dish”.

The cost of the menu is euro  180,00 per person, wine and drinks excluded.

For wine, you can, if you prefer follow the advice of our sommelier who can match wines to your preferences,  alternatively you  can choose from our list of wines.

Vegetarian Menu

7 courses menu

Our Land are very generous.

This menu is inspired by nature, based on our excellent Amalfi Coast raw materials, with vegetables at the center.

The naturist menu is for vegetarians.

The cost is 150€ per person. You can order it only online.

With regards to the wine on offer, you can, if you prefer, follow the advice of our sommelier or choose from the wine list.

10 course 60th anniversary menu

10 courses
by popular demand the limited edition 60th Anniversary Menu
Only sixty availability of this menu.

Bookable from March 1 for 2023

Since the 1960’s La Caravella has been the meeting point of the Grand Tour of the Amalfi Coast, today of the international jet-set, it is the place where tumultuous loves were born, where agreements were signed and never revealed, where everything contributed to make the Amalfi Coast what it is today: one of the most famous and admired places in the world. This menu tells the story of our first 60 years, is a surprise menu and is a limited edition.

It can only be purchased online.

The cost of the menu menu with surprise courses is € 240.00 per person, wines and beverages are not included.

Complimentary menu and book of our 60 years.

Gluten Free Menu

10 courses

(minimum 2 people)

The Gluten Free menu is prepared with great attention with genuine and above all safe raw materials. In this menu we offer the same dishes as the Innovation and Tradition Menu, but in a gluten-free version.
The menu with the historical dishes of “La Caravella” alternating with the new dishes born in recent years … a tasting of the Amalfi lemon at 360 °, with the leaves, the peel and the juice of the lemon with the new dishes of innovation and the Legend “The sun in the plate”.

For wines, you can be accompanied by the advice of our sommelier, who will be able to show you personalized combinations for you, or you can choose directly from our wine lists.

This menu is minimum for 2 people and can only be booked online.

The cost of the menu is euro 180.00 per person, wines and drinks are not included.

Wine tasting

(only for lunch, min 8 max 12 people)

You will be able to reserve this menu starting March 1 for the 2023 season.

The tasting is of hard-to-find wines, with combinations of snacks prepared by our Chef.

A visit to our Cantina delle Rarità will be included.

The tastings are curated by our sommelier Tonino and our Chef Antonio.

The cost of the menu is euro 700.00 per person.

Champagne Tasting

8 courses

(for lunch only, minimum 6 people) – due to the complexity of preparation you need to order it 7 days in advance

The champagne tasting menu by Massimo Billetto, one of the world’s greatest experts in Champagne, enriched by finger food tastings by chef Antonio Dipino, is a special gift for our guests,

Available exclusively from May to October 2023

The cost of the tasting menu is euro 700,00 per person.

N.B. We cannot guarantee the  exact fish stated on the menu as it is bought daily and depends what is on offer on the day and the season.

Those menus are available up to October 2023

Wine list

Wine is my passion and my bet. With many sacrifices I managed to build one of the best and most extensive wine lists in Italy.
Wine lovers from all over the world buy the finest wines and the rarest bottles from us thanks to our meticulous and selective work of the last 60 years
Antonio Dipino

The Legend…. La Caravella’s wine cellar is an icon that rivals with a few competitors in the world…
The rarest bottles, historic vintages, the most esclusive labels, one of the most legendary wine cellars of all times.
By J. Suckling and Veronelli