About us

… ambassador of the Amalfi-Coast cuisine in the word since 1959
Gore Vidal

the gastronomic icon of Amalfi-Coast

A great character of the Italian cuisine
Carlo Petrini

This is one of the first 30 best restaurants in Italy but my favourite one in the world
Ian dagata

When you say Caravella you mean Amalfi, you mean a magic place of all magics.
 Gualtiero Marchesi

La Caravella is one of the most important enogastronomical “deposit” in our country
Rocco Moliterni la Stampa

We are in the presence of one of the classical restaurants which made the history of the new Italian cuisine. It is not a question of scores or evaluations, but instead enjoyment of a complete experience with highest levels. Finding again the scents which you used to enjoy, a perfect atmosphere, chatting four hours about anecdotes of the last half century, is something you can experience only once you sit at important table such as Don Alfonso, La Locanda del Pescatore, Da Vittorio o Pinchiorri. They all play in another champioship.
Luciano Pignataro

La Caravella ArtGallery… has become the external hall of Honour of the artistic-ceramics of Vietri sul Mare
Biffi Gentile

La Caravella is a page of history, the first one awared Michelin star in southern Italy and one of the best cellars in the world.
Gimmo Cuomo, journalist.

The best Restaurant in Sud-Italy
Edoardo Raspelli la Stampa
Biffi Gentile

The legend… la Caravella cellar… one of the best cellars in Italy
 James Suckling

Jealous, scrupulous and wise keepers of this sanctuary of food, are for sure the Dipinos, who hand down secrets and inventions of granmothers and mothers, following tradition open to innovation.
 Gaetano Afeltra (dir. Corriere della Sera)

The sun in the dish
by Salvatore Quasimodo

Out of the noisy touristic flow, without the unnecessary sea-view, La Caravella is a quiet place with simple and rigorous furnishings, where everything contributes to the necessary concentration for one’s taste in the practice of enjoyment of the fine cuisine, linked to the tradition of Campania. In a peaceful and meditative atmosphere, more than pleasant, unobtrusive, but at the same time respectful and attentive of those who – both in the kitchen and in the dining room – have made of this restaurant a special place and an emblem of the civilization of good cooking.
Tullio Gregory Tullio è un grande del ‘900, direttore della Treccani e socio dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.
Tullio Gregory
former manager of Treccani, Institute of Italian Encyclopedia and member of the National Academy of Lincei.