Restaurant Museum Caravella

La Caravella Restaurant is located beside the ancient shipyards of Amalfi, in the middle of an historical context and with a perfect matching with Antonio’s passion for Art.

In the dining-rooms, beyond the collection of ceramics which is considered one of the most important all over the world, you will also admire some artistic masterpieces which make this restaurant even more special and unique.

In the vaults of the hall of the Riggiole (neapolitan for tiles) and in the hall of the Dishes, in the lounge of Andy Warhol, in the kitchen and at the entrance of the restaurant, the frescoes by the artist Luca Mancini stand out.

It is a remake of the frescoed ceilings of the palace of the 12th century, once noble residence of Piccolomini dukes. They were the founders of the Dukedom of Amalfi.

The artist has represented also some little cupids which have been inspired by Antonio’s daughter and other children.

The ceiling of the near Caravella ArtGallery represents, instead, one of the most antique example of sail-shaped vaults on the Amalfi Coast.